About Peerless Archtop & Acoustic Guitars

Peerless guitars was established in 1970. Since then they have built quality archtop and acoustic guitars for world-renowned top brands such as Gretsch of Fender, Epiphone of Gibson, Alvarez of St.Louis Music and many others with high standards of quality.

In the early stage of business, there were times that Peerless produced almost 30,000 pieces of guitars per month. However, now are focusing solely on quality and building only less than 1,000 guitars per month which is 1/25 in quantity. These changes have been done to build guitars we can be proud of.

Peerless Guitars purchase raw materials personally and lumber, dry, store them using our own special process. We build, assemble and finish all of guitars in our own facilities, not in any other countries or remote places. This means we have total control of production and that is how we can ensure the quality of our guitars, not to mention four decades of experiences and researches.

In late 2007, Peerless Guitars moved the factory to a new area called Gimhae within Korea. This new and sophisticated facility allows us to be able to build even better instruments to match the growing expectations that is received from guitar players all over the world. With this change, we also presented the new Carved Archtop Guitars for you to experience; great resonance and craftsmanship of authentic jazz guitars with fantastic prices.

Please look around and compare our models with any other guitars you can find in terms of quality and price. We know you will love to play the Peerless Guitar range... "Peerless - Beautiful Guitars...Beautiful to Play."